Geburtsvorbereitungskurs auf Englisch

This Compact Course (English) is for parents intending on giving birth in Germany. 

Ideal for – but not exclusive to – first-time parents, this course is designed to provide evidence-based information for mothers-to-be and their partners on topics surrounding pregnancy, birth, the post-partum period and life with a newborn in Germany.

Topics and themes covered will include:

  • common issues/problems in pregnancy
  • the „Mutterpass“
  • the stages of labour, including how labour can begin and when to go to hospital/call your midwife
  • progress of labour and birth
  • the role of the birth partner and how they can actively support the birthing mother
  • pain management techniques in labour
  • medical pain management options
  • cesarean sections 
  • the first hour/days/weeks in the life of newborn
  • understanding and establishing breastfeeding
  • „handling“, carrying, changing and soothing a newborn baby
  • having a baby in the German medical system: what to expect, what to organise, and what support options are available 

There are also plenty of activities involving balloons, ping-pong balls and oranges, but to find out how they are all relevant to birth, you will need to register for the course!